Yesterday ❆ Today ❆ Tomorrow

while visions of sugarplums... (taken in downtown Lisbon) Pin It
It saddens me to let go when the radio stations stop playing Christmas songs, when the lights on homes return to barren porch lamps and windows iced with glistening trees empty with shades drawn.

When I was younger, the season went on forever.  Of course, even then it wasn't long enough.  Yet, now I appreciate the short crisp days and the long nights ~filled with the scent of iced-chimney smoke~ of yesteryear.
a warm, plush gift still waits under the tree 

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to find a new reason to merry-make and reignite some childlike wonder.  We're celebrating Three Kings Day.  Our fir & juniper relished air is not being perfumed-over so soon!

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