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So, this blog is more of a day-by-day/ short story fairytale meets fashion and inspiration.  However, today I came across some incredible finds that I HAVE to share with you.


The Cropped Shearling Jacket is the bees knees!  I’ve been wanting a cropped aviator, but I’ve had a really hard time finding one that’s vegan AND still fancy-pants.  This one is!

This Oversized Wide Neck Tee & the Striped Batwing Sweater are two go-to pieces & must haves! They’re season-versatile and can be mixed n’matched for day or evening wear!

Their many colors of Tissue Knit Infinity Scarfs are fantastic.  I’m so obsessed with these right now b/c they double as hoods when the wind picks up at night {& every girl looks adorable with a little hood framing her face}.
 AND how sweet is this little Leopard Dress!  I’m not a big animal prints wearer but this piece is subtle w/ only the black & white print {hints of gold underneath} and the tan blocked-in. It reminds me of a vintage BCBG blue & gold tea-dress I have.  Also, the leather straps are faux {vegan-fashion-lovers alert}!

Way to go Frankie’s! Simple & Classy.


Kristin said...

Sooooooo many fabulous pieces!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the shearling jacket:)
Thanks for the Tweet last night...following your blog now.
Lets keep in touch:)

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