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I know I promised to update you on our Three King's Day conviviality

... so here it goes.  D did the right thing and went to Anthropologie.  Who knew a scientific study of humanities would become the key to any girl's heart!  I'll definitely be showing off some of the most outstanding choices he made -- in the future {wink}.  One of them, the Spindly Stripes Cardigan was a huge hit.  I'm a bit of a glutton for loungewear that also poses as stylish daywear.  In the case of this dashing piece, I've already found it useful as
  •  a California-winter jacket over a favorite sequined party dress
  • a wrap-blouse, when paired with a waist-cinching belt or eye-catching brooch 
  • the perfect touch to your skin when fresh out of the shower or climbing out of a warm bed (pair with lacy chemise & hot tea)
Anthropologie Spindly Stripes Cardigan

In the meantime, I spent months, days and hours combing the photos of our many travels around the world.  D has forever asked "when will we (we means me) put together albums?".  It must be noted that we ARE foto-rific folks and never return from a journey without at least one-thousand pictures.  
I digress.  

Picking through, redoing so, editing, printing &  framing, DONE.  22 photos in total surrounded by candle-light, one package of croquettes and 2 caramel éclairs from Portos {Burbank} ...and a couple of gifts still in the shipping vortex.

By the way, if you haven't been to Portos {they have two more locations in Glendale and Downey}, this is one of the BEST places to 
A. sit down and eat with dear friends (I went with my best gal pal and her dapper gentleman courter), 
B. do as I did and bring back a collection of delectable delights in one of their proper pastry boxes as a gift for that special someone or, 
C. order to-go for any occasion and simply enjoy!

Darlings, I must be off to prepare for this evening's outings.  Of course I'll tell all tomorrow.  

Grace Slick: (Person, v, adj): fierce to the power of the cat's pajamas
v. I'm gonna go Grace Slick this thing.
adj.  That was so Grace Slick of you.

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