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Lovelies, my apologies for going amiss!
Yesterday, I received a delivery filled with the tender lacy goodness of a peachy-pink asymmetrical blouse {one might call it a poncho?} of which, thanks to one of D's precious sisters, I am now the proud owner!
Lacy Poncho by Billabong, Booties by Aldo  Pin It
I paired it with an India green paisley camisole, a camel-colored mini and some wide-ankle booties.
Swathed in my new attire, I stepped out with Ali -- also in her beach-city finest -- to enjoy some baja cuisine, an inspiring lecture and panel discussion followed by a late-night trip to the theater.
I had the pleasure of watching My Week With Marilyn.  Applause all around to Michelle Williams for her portrayal.  However, I was disappointed in the writing and make-up for Julia Ormond {be she ever-so-exquisite} as Vivien Leigh.  
I grew up in a small town in
Viven Leigh
Courtesy of Fashion Loves Film
the South and as a Southern girl, it is a right of passage that we watch Gone With the Wind countless times from the age of understanding {I was nine} on.  That being said, many of us dreamt of being Scarlett, inheriting her  decadent wardrobe, her temper complete with inescapable charm, terra and, of course, Clark Gable's affections.  Often sided with that obsession is one with the devastatingly beautiful Ms. Leigh.  Hence, the following {I'd like to think} educated assessment: 

Viven Leigh's bouts with manic depression and real-life Scarlett-isms are widely known.  Julia Ormond, with her innate delicacy, indeed played Leigh as a warm and loving individual yet, overall Leigh was written as a bit weak-willed and/or mild-mannered {call it what you will} and her beauty not properly pronounced.  

Albeit, the film is My Week With Marilyn, this bitter pill was swallowed & is now duly noted.  

Moving on.

I'll end with two new finds 
{soon to be gifts for unsuspecting friends!}: 
Left: DELETTA  Halter: 
Beige w/ Coral accent & Mustard tie
Right: Beautiful Bottoms London 
Antique Bird Drop Back Playsuit

PLUS, a Friendly Feature   :

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Deletta Halter pairs best with:
BBV's The Cora (cir. 1960's) 
BBV's The Hepburn (cir. 1950's)

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