Silent Night

Today has been very soft, as I'm sure you can tell from this sole late-nite post.

After a wild night of dreams - the third night in a row, to be precise - I woke to find that D was taking the day in... completely!  Although this seemed like yet another glittered illusory design of my subconscious, it was instead reality met with the unfortunate truth of my tangled-web-workload.
Look by M pom-pom beanie
O'neill v-neck striped hooded thermal tee
GUESS? golden -khaki  (softest ever!) low-rise cargo short

I did, however, take the time to put on a fetching getup, inspired by the summery-spirited-days and 
bursts-of-blustery-cold-winded nights in Southern California.

Free People snuggly snowflake wool legwarmers

More details on our Three King's Day celebration to come.  

For now, I wish you the happiest of weekends with those that you love and send you my utmost appreciation for your friendship here each day!

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