Say Goodnight & Go Go Go!

What do Imogen Heap, a gypsy queen, a disco ballerina in 8 inch stilletto loafers and a Puerto Rican in a fancy Spanish fedora all have in common?

Why'd you have to be so cute/ Free People Headband

Ali came over last night to join D & I for what we were told was a costume party.  

Apparently, we were the only ones that paid notice to the memo.  

Outside of the host / birthday boy being clad in a full racing leather suit with lipstick kisses smeared about his face, the other party-goers opted for their hipster-finest.  

So, what does one - or three - do with this bag of lemons, you ask?  

If you're any one of us, {&, dear reader, you are} you get solid and rock it!  

It's impossible to ignore you/ Two9One "love music" off-the-shoulder sweater (S/S 09)

...preferably via a photo shoot with the ever-so-nice camera you brought along to take pics of the party.

Why must you make me laugh so much
Darling, the party is WHY. OH. YOU. 

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