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Alicia Garcia  is an LA native who likes to get her hands dirty... but don't be fooled... this girl still gets down on some mani/pedi action.  

"For the record, GEL is where it's at if you're active like me."

SO a little back story. I was born & raised in LA. My mother thought it fit for my brother and I to be surrounded by rolling hills and nature for our upbringing, so at the age of two, my family and I moved to Lebec, California.

I strutted around commando style beneath my OSH GOSH overalls, chasing peacocks, playing with chicks in the hen house, and constructing scarecrows.
Necessity is the mother of ingenuity and I got pretty creative when it came to constructing forts with found materials.

It was pretty rad.

By the age of ten, I migrated back to the city... BLAH. Starless skies. Traffic. Egos.
I have had a love/hate relationship with this city. I complain about it to fellow natives and boast about it to the “outsiders.”

I am an urban naturalist. I love the outdoors. I love alleyways.

I love Michael Kors. I love John Deere.

After working in the film industry for 8 years I decided to get back to my roots...

Currently I work for 
-- a sustainable furniture design firm. We custom design and produce contemporary furniture from reclaimed wood and steel, all in the heart of downtown LOS ANGELES! 
Our showroom is on Furniture Row 
(La Brea & Third).

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