Art is the Only Way to Run Away Without Leaving Home. ~Twyla Tharp

after a rigorous 2 hour pointe sesh...

I decided to visit my new @ted_baker Kihi Printed Skirt .  As I danced about the dressing room, twirling it and swinging the chocolate chandeliers into a harmonious tinkling of Swarovski that only I could hear, my gaze caught something I could not wear but so desperately wanted -- NEEDED to complete my darling ensemble.  It was one part of my two piece Christopher Martin Ghost Series in amethyst and the # 25 (or birthday).  As you'll see, these two items -- the skirt and the lithograph -- absolutely haaad to be together.  So I paused and celebrated their likeness.

Then D called and I became distracted by his sugary declaration, "I'll be there soon."  Daydreaming of art I could wear and fashion I could hang had to be set on the shelf of things hoped for as my {desired} role of always-superb-looking-"seamstress for the band" took center stage in the powder-room mirror.

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