Candy for Clear Skin

I frequently peruse what I call the "girlie fun-time section" of Whole Foods for candles, body wash, hats, lotions, super-soft yoga tees, Toms, new vitamins and probiotics, the list goes on.  By the way, how fantastic is Whole Foods for combining clothing, health and good smelling things into a mini-boutique INSIDE THE GROCERY STORE!  

~Excitement-driven-derailment-sequence complete~

While on one of my ventures into the market for bath suds, I happened upon Zuzu Luxe cosmetics.  

I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to makeup.  I didn't wear anything outside of eyeliner, mascara and tinted lipbalm {and sunscreen, of course} until 2 years ago.  My bestie, Sari, got me invested in cosmetics and now I'm a diehard.  That being said, I only keep 2-3 small eye shadow palettes at a time.  One of which usually ends up in my "it's not that season" makeup pouch along with a blush or a bronzer -- depending on which time of year it's not.  

I generally stick to department stores for makeup because the brands are tested and true.  However, I was lured in by Zuzu Luxe for two reasons:
  • Winter-to-Spring season transition tones on display and

  • VEGAN cosmetics!

I know you've heard me mention Vegan products a time or two.  To answer your question, no, I am not a vegan.  I was a vegetarian for around ten years {I started in middle school.  Call me precocious.} but my bloodstream woke up one day and screamed in an intolerable pitch "I NEED MORE IRON".  So I b-lined it to an In-n-Out.  My interest in vegan products stems from a guilt complex I've recently developed.  Long story.  Mostly rambling.

Moving on.  I decided it was time to freshen up my cosmetic collection by investing in the jewel-and-candy palette you see here.  I can only tell you that I am in-love with these little pots of powdery honey.  What's not to love.  Zuzu Luxe even says their products, while dazzling up your eyes and pronouncing your cheekbones, also clear and prevent breakouts.  With an ingredients list like spring water, herbs, vitamins and essential oils, I don't doubt it.  
Left to Right: Ice Princess, Angel and Skylar


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