Oh, the Line Forms on the Right, Babe!

Hey there ladies & gents!  I know you all came out to hear the velvety voice of Mr. Sinatra, but it seems he has better things to do.

Stay calm, we've got all the stars in the sky in store for you... a whole bunch of roses!

Lights please, in the far left corner.  There, Miss Ava Gardner, would you give us a smile?

Photo Courtesy of A. Garcia
Ava, better known as my bestie, Sari LeSueur, saddled up next to little ol' me doing my darndest to channel a long-locks Bonnie Parker version of Faye Dunaway.  To my left is our dear friend Ricki as a blonde Louise Brooks.

We all gathered this past weekend at Historic-Cultural Monument No. 267, the Park Plaza Hotel, for an evening of The Chit Chat Club, hosted by Ava's -- I mean, Sari's gentleman caller, Mr. Curtis Lindersmith.

Sari's introduction here is very, very necessary.  She's a walking vintage fashion lexicon.  Mark my words, you'll soon find yourself saying "I'll have what she's having."
This evening, Miss LeSueur & I enjoyed a warm cup of conversation over a decadent splash of Intellegentsia in Silverlake.  Doning nothing but the best in one-of-a-kind-finds, I pleaded with her to let me feature "the best costume for the day... (I have to think these things up, you know)."


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