Have Another Cup of Teal

Desired attire & accessories conjured up over some afternoon tea, musing over a Teal Tourmaline ring I stumbled upon during yesterday's outings {hint, hint Mr. Right} and this Emerald dream of a jumpsuit by Catherine Malandrino

I have to say I'm feeling a bit blue, and a bit green {with envy, of course} that all of these items are not in my closet.

* Karlie Assymentrical Sweater by BCBG
* The KATE by Remix Classic Vintage Footwear 
* The EVA by Remix Classic Vintage Footwear  
* Teal Topaz Ring by R. Klein         
(they have the most incredible art deco jewelry EVER!) see: La Metrop - Paris  
* Straw Mohawk Minaudiere by BCBG  
Icy blue winter is still in the air, but birds are chirping and the sun is brightening our days.  Spring is only a hop, step and a skip away.  Saddle up with a warm cup of teal and let her colorful accents inspire a gemstone wardrobe. 


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