The Box Tops {an all-time fav}

My baby wrote me a letter... << click for a good time {wink}

Or, perhaps my ignition key simply was turned.  Either way, with all this energy I-you-we have been conserving, I do believe it's time we trade it all in for top dollar and some new shoes for baby!
{Translation: Spend those saved calories & blow-off that steam on a better you in whatever manner you fancy.  Yes, I do advocate resolutions!  One of mine is to tend even more to relationships with friends & loved ones.}

Tonight, as we strolled down the avenue with our three darling pups, I happened upon a tiny hibiscus.  Just one.
Perched on the edge of a hearty bush outside a row of eggshell-white town homes.

This survivor of sorts was extraordinary on her own, but gained strength in her very existence and meaning when amidst my lost*in*thought*walk I found myself much further down the way being dragged into a sad yellow rose bush.

Her two towering roses, so full and asking to be crushed into any winter-weathered face of a passer-by, had not so much perished as they had aged -- like I-you-we.

The anomaly of these two species - one being a tropical flower and the other a wintery bloom, the first surviving in no condition at all and the latter suffocating in her own home - reminded me of Karl Lagerfeld.

I know, I know... "WHY?"
Allow me to show & tell you.  If you have never read Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, well then please do {also, I'd like to have a word with your high school English Lit. instructor}.

-images from
A Portrait of Dorian Gray 
by Karl Lagerfeld
feat. Eva Herzigova & Larry Scott

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