Stylinspiration: the Faye way

 One of my all-time favorite style icons is Faye Dunaway.

I can't tell you how many times I've scrambled through my wardrobe only to pause from my fluster and sift through images of Faye-ensembles, hair and makeup for help getting myself put together before I emerge from the house.  

Today I noticed that the two other fashionable ladies I'm currently style-crushing on are pretty darn pre- and post- Faye's.
Lykke Li / Faye
userserve-ak.last.fm / ia.media-imdb.com
Faye / Lykke Li
ia.media-imdb.com / blacren.com
Lykke Li / Faye
prettymuchamazing.com / starletshowcase.blogspot.com

Betty Grable / Faye
filmbug.com / blog.zap2it.com
Betty Grable / Faye
3.bp.blogspot.com / classiccinemaimages.com
Betty Grable / Faye
i757.photobucket.com / e2de.com


1 comment:

Empress said...

Love to see the new look back on the old, Lykke Li is gorgeous!


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