Savvy Saturdays: Miami Heat, Part II

In case you missed last week's Miami Heat: Part I, here's a bit of a refresher:

Julia and Mariana Garcia are twins taking the world of fashion by storm.  They are two of the chicest ladies I've had the pleasure of reviewing...  so much so, a two-part Savvy Saturdays had to be set in motion. 

Separately, they're fashionista's taking the city of Miami on a tour-of-beauty. 
Together, they're an unstoppable force.
It may or may not take two to make a thing go right.  What's for certain is that these two can't go wrong.

MARIANA has a bit of a wanderlust streak.  Her current role at a luxury retail firm - supplying big-screens that vanish into mirrors & video surveillance for some of the biggest names in the world - will soon have her traveling to Hong Kong.  Thereafter, she's booking it to NYC with her marketing-genius sweetie and going back to school to study Business and English Lit.  Got Motivation?

Anyone can see that she's stunning.  
Don't be fooled.  She's only half out-of-this-world.  The other half is very down to Earth.

A few notes about where I live and a short walk through my typical Savvy Saturday morning.
 My backyard is Delray Beach.

I like to start my Saturday morning with some form of exercise, whether it's a bike ride, yoga or a light jog. 

I'm not a heavy breakfast eater so this meal is perfect for me - Ezekiel bread (what I like to call "Whole Foods bread"), avocado, tomatoes, shredded cucumber and S&P. 

The guy and I are big on snorkeling and there's an awesome spot by our house. These photos were taken with an underwater cam -- how clear is that water!
Forever 21 Romper, Aldo Cowboy Booties, Revlon "Dark Rose" lipstick 
Okay, okay, so I know why you're here.  You want the goods on fashion from the girl next door. I LOVE that EstoyJeSuis posts exactly that every Saturday and I'm so excited that my sister and I get to share our styles with you. 

Although I love trends, I try to pick items that will last more than one season and can be mix-n-matched with other pieces... comfortable yet cute and, best of all, affordable. 
I am all about high-waisted anything! Since I have a small waist and curves all around, a romper is a great way to conceal those Puerto Rican caderas {hips}.  

"Modern Mod" is what I was going for with this number. {I thought the alliteration might go well with Savvy Saturday's}. What I love most about this is how simple and effortless it is to pull together. 
The dress is a black crochet Anthropologie mini. I paired it with ankle booties to make for more of a wintery ensemble (as wintery as Florida gets, anyhow). Add some eye liner and big 60s hair -- voila, a complete chic look with only two pieces! 

I'm a big believer in the {however cliché it may be} concept of "keep it simple, sweetie." There are bigger things in life to stress over than what to wear and styling your hair. With that said, get your posts on girls! Men, if you have a lovely and talented lady in your life, and I'm certain you do, tell EstoyJeSuis about her. I adore reading about girls and women, just like me, strutting their stuff to the next fashion show, the coffee shop or the laundry room. Don't doubt yourself and definitely don't spend an ounce of time telling yourself "I'll do it when I look better." You are fabulous. 
I can't wait to see the next Savvy Saturdays and I hope it's yours!
Mariana & 


Kristin said...

Holy cow lady...You are WORKIN' that last dress. Gorgeous!

Kristin said...

Guess I should have addressed that to Mariana. Haha!

Stephanie M said...

Omg!!! From bad ass girls to .........still bad ass girl's, your doing your thing!!! Iam so happy for you two :) love ya!!!

MariMar42 said...

Thanks!!! You girls are lovely <3

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