Savvy Saturdays: Miami Heat, Part I

Julia and Mariana Garcia are twins taking the world of fashion by storm.  They are two of the chicest ladies I've had the pleasure of reviewing...  so much so, a two-part Savvy Saturdays had to be set in motion.

Separately, they're fashionista's taking the city of Miami on a tour-of-beauty.
Together, they're an unstoppable force.

It may or may not take two to make a thing go right.  What's for certain is that these two can't go wrong.

JULIA is a DIY-queen {envy} who keeps an easel in her studio, always donned with a cluster of images of things to re-create for less!  Her home is a haven for vintage baubles and gems.  Her wardrobe -- a menagerie of dreamy sheer goddess-gowns and rock-n-roll royalty style accessories.
Anchor blouse, Forever 21
Joe Jeans, Chelsea Fit
Coach (outlet) leather bag & boots 

I have a disease, and the only cure is more shopping!

I justify my spending habit by being a frugal shopper and turning my addiction into an adventure-filled game wherein I have to seek out hidden treasures.  Allergies aside, thrift store shopping is pretty high on my fav’s list.

Saturday mornings usually involve a trip to the thrifty or consignment shop. It’s my version of “Cheer’s” and yes, everyone knows my name. Why do I love vintage shopping? There’s a sense of nostalgia and history attached to every piece I find -- an unknown story. I love the serendipitous moment when the transformation from trash to treasure occurs. I also like to 
brush up on my haggling
 skills (see “Life of Brian”).

If I had to describe my style I would say its bohemian/vintage chic. I’m a mix-matcher and a bargain shopper. I combine modern & designer pieces with pre-loved finds & more affordable brands.

I gather inspiration from nature, films, photographs, music, art, and sometimes a piece just speaks to me. I often find myself saying things like “This dress would be perfect for a morning stroll in Capri” or “I can wear this gown to the opera!” Then my fiancé quickly brings me back to reality with a dose of loving sarcasm 

“But of course, Madame. Shall I bring the car around?”  

My top style icons, or as like to refer to them- “The B-Trifecta”- are Blondie (Debbie Harry), Bianca Jagger, and Brigitte Bardot. So on a Saturday night as I am getting ready to go out with the girls, I like to listen to The Rolling Stones- “Miss You”, and pretend 
I am one of the “Puerto Rican girls that 
are just dying to meet you.” 

WARNING: True happiness will always elude you 
if you depend on material things. 
Remember “the things you own end up owning you” 
–Chuck Palahniuk

If that doesn’t get me in the mood and I haven’t got a thing to wear, I’ll blast “This Charming Man” by The Smiths and cuddle up with my man instead. (Win-Win!). 

Julia & 

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Janey said...

I LOVE Savvy Saturdays; another fantastic one this week. Looking forward to part 2 already!

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