From The Green Room:

My days off are spent harvesting, planting or tilling at ATWATER VILLAGE FARM.

Last year I met PIPER GOLDSTEIN, and was blown away. 
“This is my kinda chick.” 

She farms in gold lamé and Diavolina accessories.  HELLO!  Her wardrobe is as stocked as her toolshed.  Her nail polish collection is unparalleled.  She used to be personal chef to the Beastie Boys and Janes Addiction...  Seriously, chicks don’t get much radder.

Piper just opened a community market that curates its inventory according to the community’s needs -- while providing sustainable, local, and organic products.

Tune in next week for Farming and Furniture tips!
  • EASY UP-CYCLING IDEAS for coffee tables, lighting, and shelves.
  • FUNKY FARM trends: ways to give your garden style.


Bonnie said...

These pictures are great! I especially like the second one.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Annalise said...

Thanks Bonnie! We love your leather pants. http://www.glamkittenslitterbox.com/2012/02/working-with-mother-nature-photo-shoot.html

xx- Annalise

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