Pretty in Le Pink

Nestled in the heart of Sunset Junction is a mystical storefront of wonders and whimsy.  Actually, it's a girl's best friend, that is, next to the girlfriend you tell everything, your knight-in-shining-armour, your smart phone and Vogue Magazine.

Le Pink & Co. is a bauble- cosmetics- home fragrance- skincare- (they have products for the gents too! ie, Jack Black & Anthony Logistics) menagerie.  Did we mention there's a spa in the back!

Quoting their shop bio and spa menu:

Created in the style of a vintage apothecary, Le Pink & Co. transports you to a sweet scented experience nestled in nostalgia and daily luxuries.  

It couldn't sound better and upon a visit, you'll find it couldn't be better.

Le Pink & Co. carry the full line of the
oh-so-coveted Butter London nail polish, primers, topcoats and remover.  
They also have every candle known to man, the good ones that is, including Votivo and Voluspa complete collections. 

But simply to die for are the range of cosmetics, bath suds, oils, powders and lotions that you can hardly find anywhere else.  Le Pink & Co. should pride themselves {and I'm sure they do} on all the vintage style beauty bombs that line the walls and fill their gorgeous antique jewelry boxes and bowls.  Looking for a rosewater based cosmetic line?  They've got it.  Have sensitive skin and need an herb-based toner?  Check.  In search of a "discontinued line" of lipstick and powder cases or deco perfume rub-tubs?  You're likely to find it in a display at Le Pink & Co.  The staff is eager to share their collection tales with you and hopefully, help you find your way to one just like whatever it is they discovered.

The staff are always extremely knowledgeable - don't cha just hate when you want to know more about a product and the gal behind the counter at  {insert your choice of beauty supply store} hasn't studied up on the lines they're carrying? - and happy to assist.

We must gush a bit about they're back room:

Facials, Tinting, Tweezing, Waxing, Airbrushing & Add ons GALORE  
Not to mention, a delicious hand & foot rub that will melt you to your core.

Heather Cvar, esthetician extraordinaire, incorporates a full-sensory approach for each client with her custom beauty care creations.
A favorite here at Estoy, Je Suis is the "Urban Detox" for clearing out the muck that gathers and hides in our city-living skin.  This little number includes microdermabrasion and vitamin packed serums - A, C, D, E, zinc, iron, magnesium and special botanical extracts to be exact.  One word: refreshing!  We also like to add on the Express Lips treatment to restore moisture and a plump, healthy look.

Whether you're a California native or just passing through, Le Pink & Co. is a Los Angeles site & experience you can't afford to miss.

Oh yeah, and they're pup friendly. 


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