Savvy Saturdays: Altruistic Audacity

I am me. No excuses. No regrets. Simply, inexplicably me.

image: Vivien Clauss
My name is Vivien Clauss.  I was born and raised in Germany -- a country that is much too cold if you ask me!  This is almost certainly one of the reasons why I love traveling so much.  You could call me a modern day nomad.  I wanna see the world, live in different cultures and learn new languages.  I once lived in the UK for seven months.  I would love to be a backpacker in OZ {colloquial term for Australia- EJS}, travel through America or work on a quality-of-life project in Africa.

I am honest, genuine and I appreciate what others have to offer.  
I am terribly impatient.
I hate smoking, insects and attitudes of disrespect.  
I am fascinated by the oceans and the universe.
I love diversity and spirited conversations.
I‘m a partner in crime and up for every possible adventure out there.
I know what I want and I stand up for what I believe in, even if it means standing alone. My greatest fear is to die without having lived.

My so-far 23 year long journey has brought lots of joy and happiness.  I have the best friends for which I could have ever asked.  I've got a hobby that keeps me going.  But fate didn't make a wide berth around me... Last August I lost my beloved brother in a bike accident.  My whole family has such a great passion for motorbikes and bike racing.  It‘s hard to live with the fact that what we all love the most has taken his life.  This tragedy only encouraged me to keep chasing my dream -- a dream that I've been working towards half my life.  My brother always supported me and what I wanted to do, so know I live every day to make him proud... Fingers crossed.

image: https://twitter.com/#!/VC_rocksU
I am very blessed with my immediate and extended family.  My parents opened our home as a foster family.  We currently have three foster children from 4 months up to 12 years. My parents can‘t afford to donate money to organizations, but what we can provide is a loving home, healthy meals and supportive surroundings for those who otherwise would have none.  Unfortunately, being a foster family is not very popular in Germany, although  we are witness to so many homeless, orphaned and otherwise in-need children.  The tragedies are right at our doorsteps, but everyone is chooses to close their eyes.  I am proud that my parents decided to help in their own way.  I love being a big sister and all the opportunities it presents for me to both attempt to be a better person as a positive role model and also to learn from my new siblings.  I never thought that a simple smile could change a bad day into a good one.  A smile is a gift that sometimes only the poor know to appreciate.

Another valuable lesson this kind of upbringing has taught me is to never look down on someone unless you‘re helping them up!

I‘m not your run-of-the-mill fashionista.  I‘m far beyond perfect when it comes to my looks -
{ahem... We disagree & insist that you never let that thought cross your mind again.  You ARE beautiful, Viv- EJS}.
I‘m not what society thinks is beautiful and I agree 
{Society promotes a lot of whacked ideas.  Some crazy gives birth to brilliance.  This is NOT that kind of crazy.  From here on out, you DISAGREE. - EJS
...but I do love clothes, shoes, purses, accessories and I have a nail polish collection counting 31 different colors.  Not many of my close friends know I‘m a Vogue lover or that I would kill for Chanel, an Eli Saab or Valentino dress, a pair of Louboutins or a Marc Jacobs bag.  It‘s not that fashion rules my life.  I simply like to keep an eye on what's new.  I am a girl, you know.

My style is very casual.  I enjoy mixing basics with daring accessories.
a little Polyvore.com collection I put together to illustrate my style favorites

I enjoy wearing heels but I gotta admit that after four hours of walking with a 12cm boosted arch, my feet are killing me and I cant wait to give them reprieve.  For everyday wear, I usually throw on a stylish pair of sneakers or kitten heels (5-7cm).  When I dont need to leave the house I kick around in harem pants and a soft knit top.

I have naturally curled hair.  I have to confess that I have absolutely no talent when it comes to styling it.  However, two or three times a year I‘m a hair model for one of the best hairdressers in all Germany.  I get color and cut worth more than a pretty penny (Euros 'round here) for free!  I highly recommend taking a deep breath and asking around at salons for stylists that engage in hair shows and competitions... it's a great way to live a little through a new do' and save some change.
image: http://www.bysjanty.nl/
Mani/Pedi, ooh la la!  Oh how I love nail design.  From about fifteen years onward I've made little masterpieces out of each keratin canvas.  By the way, my fav style tip for the finishing touch: got fifteen minutes 'til go-time and didn't have a chance to fix or finish those tootsies and tips?  These long-wear express dry drops have been a life and style saver for me, drying wet nails in 20 SECONDS!  A brilliant buy at only 1,95€.

{we couldn't find this in the U.S. -- except completely sold-out on Ulta.com... it took us a while, but VOILA! Via http://www.cosnova.eu/, Essence's brand distributor, we found it in Spain @ http://www.juteco.es/essence/EXPRESS_DRY_DROPS}

Well, I'm off to be a sister, tame my mane and see the world, but I'll leave you with this..

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.  
~Confucius {551 BC - 479 BC}

          Viv &


SomeKindOfStyle said...

hej, how lovely .. as living in Germany myself I know the product of Essence very well! lovely posting about a lovely girl.. has she got a blog, too? xo

Annalise said...

Thanks for visiting! We must be in sync b/c I had just been diving deep into your posts when you messaged out to US readers earlier. Vivien is an absolute doll and I was so excited when she sent me her #SS. Hope all is well. xx

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