Just How Does an "Igel" Soar

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With New York FashionWeek taking up most of my time, obsessing over Nylon Magazine’s Instagram updates, it’s a wonder I was able to find anything else to be excited about.  Low and behold, Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl announced last week that she would be live on Spreecast.  WHEN? WHEN!  Well, if you didn’t tune in, it JUST happened.  One of the most accessible {& friendly!} women in the industry took time out of her busy day – at NYFW -- to sit down and answer our questions.

photo: Spreecast.com
Hosted by the iFabbo gals, it will be archived for post-views soon enough!

Stacy sat down and shared a plethora of info with all of us.  Here’s more than a little taste of the gab-stew.

Stacy Igel is originally from Chicago.  She triple majored in Business, Fashion Retail & Fashion Design (phew!).  From a very young age, she was certain that fashion was her calling.  Her mother was an entrepreneur and Stacy found inspiration in attending trade shows with her.

In college, Stacy designed her own clothing and staged runway shows – got gumption?

Straight out of school she went to work for a design haus in London and eventually came back home to work with Elie Tahari in New York.  If that isn’t the slightest bit overwhelming for a young girl, then you know she’s got something special... and quite possible, isn't from this planet.

Stacy went on to work for Izod before deciding it was time she make her own, personal and specific mark in the industry.

photo: boymeetsgirlusa.com
BMG SS/2012
Sanctuary top, His shorts, BMG tight 
In 2001, Stacy’s line, Boy Meets Girl, was set to launch on September 11th.  In response to the disaster we faced here in the States that day, Stacy respectfully stepped down and instead went to work designing a T-shirt to sell at her very first trade show in memory of the lives lost and to benefit their families and loved ones via the proceeds.

Her first trade show was held at Chelsea Market. 
Side note: This past Fall BMG draped the runway to the sound of The Veronicas, LIVE!  
At present, Stacy is in collaboration with Hasbro Monopoly {yes, the board game} and ten other designers, creating items based on the game pieces.  Stacy’s two: the Banker and Income Tax.

Her first cover story was featured in Lucky Magazine.

The first store that carried Boy Meets Girl BergdorfGoodman (we’re impressed!).

Her influences and inspiration:
  • Coco Chanel, “the aesthetic of the brand & line speaks to many”;
  • Kenneth Cole, “he stands up for what he believes in his brand and politically”;
  • Alexander McQueen “his attention to detail, what he built & constructed as an art form is simply amazing”;
  • Donna Karan “for her ‘Buy-Now-Wear-Now’ message.”

Stacy describes Boy Meets Girl as a contemporary brand with a base demographic of sixteen to thirty years of age, with 21 being that “sweet spot” wherein the gals that fall at the polar ends of the demo are striving to look and feel like a twenty-one year old either again or for the very first time.  A BMG girl, says Igel, is young & hip, edgy, and an entrepreneur.  She loves life, loves music and rock bands and loves to feel comfortable & sexy in clothes that are affordable and that have a style that speaks to a vast audience.  She’s a free spirit and she loves to take charge. 

Stacy’s motto when designing is “Buy-Now-Wear-Now” {see "Influences & Inspiration" above}.  When coming up with new concepts, she prefers to incorporate only some of the changing trends (such as the current pastel influence), but mostly hold her pieces to a timeless standard. 

Her favorite go-to pieces in the line right now are those that are season and style transitional, those that mix well with the changing trends:

  • White Sanctuary Top which, she says, is great for layering {perfect for this time of year, but layering can be done in a light way in the warmer months as well!};

  • and the Coco Hoodie (named after Coco Chanel), a staple for any time of year & most any occasion!
photo: boymeetsgirlusa.com
Stacy went on to discuss how social media has helped her develop the BMG brand.  She recently spoke at Fashion140 about "humanizing" {a term she used frequently today… it makes sense!} the brand and how social media allows for exactly that.

Stacy built BMG from the ground up.  In that time, she insisted – and still does – on communicating directly with her customers.  She says she’s always answered every email that’s come into her inbox and as her company expanded, began getting input from the rest of her team on how best to problem-solve or respond to questions, and consumer demand.  From personal experience, this blogger can verify that Stacy truly does respond to her Facebook and Twitter fans as well as her customer base via Tumblr, Instagram and Lockerz.  She says she likes to keep up with her customer.  Again, the key term being “humanizing.”

Over the past three years Stacy started filming, in partnership with Lockerz, and has now logged eight episodes revolving around what goes on in her world, in the office, her involvement in particular causes, having fun and being creative with her girlfriends and…  inside New York Fashion Week - {gush!}.   

How much more “Human” can she or her brand be.  

What does she have in mind for the future of BMG?  Well, very soon we can expect an accessories line which features Swarovski crystals by Jimmy Crystal {currently for view-only on BMG}.  Down the road, an expansion in intimates & sleepwear, swimwear, cosmetics, nail polish, childrens wear, mens wear and world domination – you saw that coming, right.
photo: boymeetsgirlusa.com

photo: boymeetsgirlusa.com
Several viewers had questions about Stacy’s collaboration efforts with style bloggers and how they have helped launch BMG further into the mainstream vision.  {one of those viewers, Taylor  Plaskett of trentiniCity, gave us a fun view of the BMG socks she was wearing, prompting Stacy to show off her BMG tights – it was much like a slumber party.}

Stacy says she started her blogger collabs with a girlfriend from Chicago, Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie, and  Liz Cherkasova from Late Afternoon.  Both these ladies walked the runway for BMG, were seen wearing the line in their blogs and around town and stylishly promoted it.  Currently, Stacy and BMG are hosting a project entitled “Coast to Coast" blogger which includes Blonde Bedhead, Fashion Bananas, Fashion Chalet, Oh To Be a Muse and M loves M -- the role of the blogger is to showcase BMG products & how they as individuals would style them.  "Coast to Coast" blogger is featured on the BMG site.

One thing Stacy was adamant about is that she refuses to saturate her brand with blogger collaborations.  Her goal is to do it minimally, but RIGHT so that the impact is there without excessive effort.  We like the sound of that.

Finally, Stacy touched on the causes that are near and dear to her and BMG.

Young Survival Coalition for breast cancer:
  • ·      Igel and BMG have worked with YSC since 2007,
  • ·      BMG joined YSC after meeting Kristin, a dear friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer at only 29 years old.  (recently passed – our sincerest condolences.)

  • ·      BMG joined Urban Outfitters in 2008, 2009 and 2010, designing a shirt & tote w/ with Kristin from which the proceeds went directly to YSC

  • ·      Stacy is a co-chair for their “Pink” events,
  • ·      She’s spoken at seminars with the YSC team at over 200 Urban Outfitter stores,
  • ·      BMG & UO have raised around $30,000 for YSC
  • ·      This year, Igel and BMG have joined forces with a university candy store, “Campus Candy”, designing cute candy-themed tops from which 10% benefits YSC

BullyBust.org, a National school climate center providing education in about 2,000 schools for teachers, admins, principals and students about bullying
  • ·      Stacy Igel is an Ambassador
  • ·      Igel and BMG designed a T for Bloomingdales, from which the proceeds will benefit BullyBust.org

So, does Stacy have any advice on launching your own line?  Well, we asked.

- Have a Point of View for the line, it’s direction and what it/you stand for.
- Less is more, meaning that a few key fluid pieces are better than a messy array of several.
- Have a plan.  Lay out a top, a bottom or a great collection of dresses.  If you’re going with dresses, be sure they’re items that fit well (not every piece has to be a silhouette} & that tell your story.
- To get the attention of department store buyers, start at trade shows: Stacy first showed with Peter Som, Gary Gram and Phillip Lim.  Now look where they all are!
- Buyers come to trade shows – Bloomies, Bergdorf, Saks, Nordy and Macy’s.  The shows are still 
- Most importantly, if we’ve learned anything, humanize your person and your brand.  Stay connected to your customer.  It’ll keep you on top of the demand, and people will like your brand for YOU.



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