From Mexico, With Love: MelissaOS Talks Couture & Street-Chic

Who Am I?
Hey everyone! My name is Melissa from MelissaOS.blogspot.com, a 22-year-old fashion and photography enthusiast from Mexico on a personal quest to discover and meet fellow fashion bloggers throughout the world. Born and raised South of the border, here's fashion through my eyes.

Talking Fashion
In Mexico, a fashion job or hobby is something that many girls dream of but not many pursue. When you decide to study something fashion related here, people generally react with a sense of "That girl has no future" or sarcastically, "Good luck finding a job in that arena."
Christian Cota @ NYFW
F/W '11-'12

There's is a small niche in the Mexican fashion world. Some names like Alejandro Carlin, Julia y Renata and Christian Cota have succeeded as nationally and internationally reknown brands. For example, Cota had a wonderful show last August during NYFW where he presented a beautiful collection with Tibetan influences using furs and exciting prints. Still, there is a lot of undiscovered potential in my country.

As for the blogging world and Internet community in Mexico, I find it to be something that is just recently starting to flourish and really finding its voice in the fashion world. The more I look, the more I discover talented and creative people who aren't afraid to share their unique and unedited opinions. Big names like Gaby from Moda Capital, Adriana from Fake Leather and Genie from Brunnette Braid are all girls that stand out from the crowd and are making their way as recognized and distinctive brands. These and other ladies are proving that our blogging community has amazing potential and is a force to be reckoned with.  Still, the blogging community in Mexico isn't as established as other countries, such as Sweden where -according to friends there- two-thirds of the teen and young adult population own a blog... not to mention, their street style is simply to-die-for.

My Street Style
Before I go, I'd like to share with you a bit of my personal style. 
I'm still relatively new to the blogging community, so I'd like to leave you with what I hope is an indelible impression.

For more fashionable photos, be sure to check out: MelissaOS.blogspot.com 

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