A {Stylishly} Classic Tale of Giving

This morning I received a text from my mom... simply, a photo of a pair of ballerina flats.

Now, to preface this, for Christmas she bought me a pair of sequined Toms.  I L.O.V.E. Toms, not only because the product line represents and benefits an incredible cause, also because these shoes are really comfy, stylish and durable.

Yes, I do swear by stilettos, wedges, platforms, springolators, anything that makes me four to six inches taller and my legs look like they were carved by a master artisan.  However, Toms has relaxed-chic down to a science and on a day after an intense yoga class or maybe I have plans with a few vertically challenged pals who appreciate an eye-level hangout, Toms are my go-to shoe... as of 3 pair ago.

So, back to the preface... when I opened my new sparkling kicks, I followed up my squeal of utter happiness with the announcement that Toms was putting out a line of ballerina flats at Nordy's.  To this, Mom responded with her own shriek of excitement and marked her calendar "To Shop".

Back to the main plot:
The photo I received was of a pair of these long-awaited, sweet-spot, walkable-five-star-hotel for your feet slippers.  Grey-on-grey leopard print adorableness.  The text that followed:

Should I offer these to your cousin?  You and she wear the same size, and I accidentally got a half-size too small, so... ???


You are SOOO my daughter. LOL.

Yep, Mom knows hip texting lingo, and it doesn't stop at the ever-so-simple "LOL".

Anyhow, now I'm eagerly awaiting a package from the Lone Star State filled with the goodness that is this pair of stylish princess prancers.

Just wondering, do you have a love for the Toms?  Have you ogled the ballerina collection?  Have you started stocking up?  You know, your tootsies like to look sexy in the summer too -- even on a lazy afternoon back-porch barbeque kind of day.

 Also, if you're in the area or may be in the coming months, comment below whether you'd be interested in attending a Style Your Sole party.  I'm seriously considering throwing one.  I have some great theme and entertainment ideas and, of course, I'd love for you to be there!


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