Savvy Saturdays: Plain, She Ain't

image: courtesy of Jane Bates
Jane "Janey" Bates is our Gal Saturday, and a fair lady she be.

Married and cuddled up in her comfy North Yorkshire, UK abode, Janey's passions are quite varied.  She's a death-defying motorcycling sports fanatic and cares for children as a qualified nursery nurse, all while making the ends meet as an accountant for an Energy Consulting Firm -- The Green Room is getting a double dose of UK goodness from this one.

Read on, lovelies!
I love my family, friends and animals and I consider myself to have the best of all three.  
I’m mad for music, cooking and the environment.  The GreenRoom will be pleased to hear we already have a composter -- recycling is a must (husband rolls eyes at the soggy washed cardboard food packaging that he finds on the draining board) -- and our newest gadget is an Eco Shower Drop.  You calibrate it with your shower & it sounds an alarm when you have used a certain amount of water, which is great for me because I can stand in the shower for ages daydreaming!
I like reading about fashion -- what’s in, what the stars and style-aficionados are wearing.  With the big 4.0. fast approaching, my wardrobe is most definitely classic-meets-casual. 
image: courtesy of Jane Bates

I gravitate towards versatile pieces, those that can be dressed up as well as paired with cozy attire on a rainy day.   
  • The floral blouse is from Gap.  I have worn it over the cami (also Gap) with black trousers for an elegant evening wedding 'do, and only a few weeks later, matched it up with jeans and a little black cardi for a casual holiday gathering.  
  • The pink hoodie with the ribbon (Lipsy, London) gives me quite a bit of use for stylishly casual outings... popping in to see friends or lazy day strolls to share a meal with the folks.
  • Ahhh, the shoes -- insert husband groaning as I meander toward the Jimmy Choo’s in department stores.  I'm a thrifty kinda girl though, and these dandies are actually members of the "Able" family -- comfortAble, affordAble Clarks -- and they make me feel a like million dollars.  
  • In the words of Coco Chanel “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” – extreme, perhaps, but I like it.  I have 3 on the go at the moment, all by Valentino: 'Very Valentino', 'Rock & Rose Couture' and 'Valentina'.
  • The sunnies are Chanel.  When I wear them all the world is rosey!  
  • My favourite bracelet is in the picture too.  It was a bridesmaid gift.  Sparkly, pink & hearts: that’s me to a tee.  I’m like a magpie when any of these surface through the transparent glaze of shop windows.
image: courtesy of Jane Bates
Janey joins in the Race for Life yearly.  For those not familiar with RFL, it's a 5k run/walk for the ladies that raises money for Cancer Research in the UK.
A friend and I have raised over £1,000 so far and it’s great fun. It must be quite a sight seeing a load of women, dressed in pink (some in costume and fairy wings) belting around a racecourse!

She's the real deal.  

Jane Bates is living life as right as rain, saving lives and the planet as a whole, styling her world in shades of pink... and loving every minute of it.

Janey, j'adore.

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