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image: Ljiljana Zelenicic
My name is Ljiljana Zelenicic.  Most of my friends call me Lili . 

I'm known to be quick and to the point, so you may find this article/profile a little less intricate than that to which you've grown accustomed.  Forgive me, I'm just a guys gal but I assure you, all the details are just as compelling - you'll see when you click the links! 
Short and Sweet
 About Little Ol' Me

I live in Slovenia which is a country on the Southern edge of central Europe.  It's a rather small country, but has a beautiful landscape worth seeing.

I work for one of the largest computer companies in Slovenia, surrounded by an awesome team of mostly boys.  It's an extremely dynamic and very intense career, but I love it!

I believe that...
  • sun or smile can make a perfect day
  • kind approach almost always elicits kind response
  • one should focus on the here and now
  • boredom is a luxury
  • closeness of family is of utmost importance
  • people should never be judged on the basis of religion, nationality, skin color or partner preference 

image: Ljiljana Zelenicic
I, unfortunately, don’t have much free time.  I am a 42 year old single mum.  My 12 year old son is great, but those teenage wants and woes are creeping up.  

I have one younger sibling, a brother, who lives about an hour away in the same town as our parents and where we spent our youth.  My father has suffered from Alzheimer’s for 4 years now and is entirely dependent.  As such, I spend most weekends back home helping out since my mother is ill also.

In the few spare moments I find, I love catching up with my girlfriends over coffee. 

Last on this mini-profile roundup, but certainly not least: I'm a huge supporter of the Red Noses Organization, whose mission is to bring joy to children hospitalized with severe or terminal illness.
Now, for the Goods
I'm not your classic case of a fashion addict.  I mostly wear flats, reserving heels for meetings and formal occasions.  I do daydream about Marc Jacobs and Salvatore Ferragamo ballerina slippers on occasion.

Although I throw together a mean power suit on the weekdays via a well-honed collection of flowy trousers and sleek blazers, I truly am a laid back gal and long for denim and knit jersey weekends.

Where I prefer to splurge is in the fragrance department.  Nothing makes me feel sexier or prettier than the right scent.  I have AT LEAST ten in my collection at present.  
image: Ljiljana Zelenicic
You know those days wherein nothing fits right or spilt coffee ruined your perfect ensemble and your dreams of stepping out completely satisfied with your appearance have been stomped on by circumstance?  I'll tell you, step AWAY from the mirror, inhale a little peace and then... peer deeply into the colorful glass of your perfume collection.  One of those fragrances will call your name and with just the right splash of one or even a blend of two, it all can be turned around for the better.  Do yourself a favor, save your scent for last and start your day or evening off right!

Kiss & Makeup -
I have a menagerie of paraben and metal allergies, so I try to find cosmetics that are free of preservatives, dyes and chemicals.  Some of my favorite products are only offered in Europe, but I tracked down a site for you American girls that carries a great range of certified organic beauty products.  Find it HERE.

Got a Wild Hair?-
image: Ljiljana Zelenicic
I like to experiment with hair color a lot, so to keep my hair healthy through all the color treatment abuse amidst things out of my control like dry winds and harsh sunlight, I use Orofluido.  Stuff works like a charm!

Didn't I tell you I'd be brief?  

I love reading Estoy, Je Suis as I'm sure do you... why else would you be here now!  Keep coming back for more fab tips from Annalise.  She's already got me on a sure-fire path to fun in the sun this coming summer!  Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter & friend me on Facebook as I'm always looking to meet new folks.  Plus, I make a great listener :)

Words to Live By-
Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. 
- Albert Einstein


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