A Little Behind, but Fun is Always on Time: Birthday Roundup!

So, I wasn't as great at posting birthday photos on Instagram as I had expected.  The thing is... there were so many great pics that I got to thinking I should make a post of it.
With no further adieu, here she is in all her glory... The Birthday Round Up!!!

The day before, I headed up to Bliss Spa @ the W Westwood w/ Mama.

We passed the Whitney Houston memorial outside the Beverly Hills Hotel on our way to brunch (honestly, it was on the way down Wilshire & we didn't even think about it, but when we passed it -- well, we had to share a photo).
Seriously amazing food @ my fav brunch spot, Alcove Cafe -- Yes, you can gain a pound or two just looking at these photos :)

On the day of - birthday breakfast at the ever-so-fabulous Sherman's deli & bakery...
and a free clown nose from "Harpo"!
Miss LeSueur & I toasting to another glorious year of being alive - the Sparkling Greyhound is YUM!
My first cake & candles of the day: Strawberry Shortcake & German Chocolate Cake.  I shared them & my hips thanked me :)

Lindersmith & LeSueur peering into the grand ballroom @ The Parker, Palm Springs... This place is like Wonderland. I'm contemplating moving in.

While the boys got into a very serious game of table tennis (check those moves!)... 

...Sari & I found a wall filled with honeysuckles & mimosas and did what we do best.

PHOoooOooo SHOoooOT & goofing off
(did I mention there's a giant chess board?)

We decided that I should go swimming in the game.
Linen Ipanema Dress by PIP & PUCK
They don't have a site I could link for you, but I did find it on Jennifer Rand @ Belle de Couture

Then things got real, b/c D & I are hardcore chess players and will duel to the death
(with the board & pieces being so large, I got pretty brave with my moves... & he conceded
- insert maniacal laughter - )

That night, we returned to the hotel & had dinner at Mister Parker's.  Holy deliciousness all around!

We finished the night, literally shut the place down, @ the newly renovated deco-nouveau Riviera, where a DJ was blasting indie & hiphop throughout the lobby and two ravishing gals were serving up mixology classics.
(How dapper is my guy + Peep the crystal encrusted pool table to the right!)
thank you for all your love and warm wishes -- this year just wouldn't have been as fantastic without you

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