From The Green Room: Little World, Style Seeking in Nature

image: ALICIA GARCIA, Frazier Park, CA
Since I was a little girl, I have always had an appreciation for nature’s beautiful form and color. 
From the brilliant fluorescence of lichen growing on rocks or bark, to the organic contrapposto of a morphed piece of driftwood-- all my creative undertakings are rooted in nature’s magnificence.
image: ALICIA GARCIA, Frazier Park, CA
One of the many perks of my current job at CROFT HOUSE, is being able to connect with like minded creative professionals.
Yesterday, LA artist, HEATHER PANDO, dropped in.  I was not familiar with Little World Design until meeting her.  Her whimsical creations embrace organic materials while incorporating a funky twist... resulting in a harmonious yet unconventional  juxtaposition.

LITTLE WORLD DESIGN was developed by key artists and designers who shared their beginnings at Krislyn Design Studio. Their work there led a path to the art of beautiful, custom, botanical design and installations.

image: littleworlddesign.com

Heather Scheid Pando with the masterful design skills of
Manuel Acosta, specialize in a unique product which fuses earthly elements with fabrics, textiles and other man-made materials; blending the outdoor and inside worlds. Their specialty branches out to many industries, whether for a hotel, business or home, each piece is customized for its unique environment.

image: littleworlddesign.com
For 17 years, Krislyn Meyer-Komarov transformed elemental objects into beautiful botanical pieces. Motivated by her success and vision, LITTLE WORLD DESIGN is dedicated to creating and evolving new, contemporary objects which are fresh, edgy, beautiful and thought provoking. Our aim is to generate designs that collapse the gap between dream and reality. We look forward to creating wonderful new pieces for you.

She approached me about constructing a large scale frame for her next wall piece... Very exciting to be collaborating with artists you respect and admire.

SO with that said, I encourage you to take on a new perspective when you interact with nature... Do not merely take a branch at face value.  Rather, appreciate it’s vast artistic potential. 



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