From The Green Room: The Good Witch of the East... An Evening With Emily Keaty

I have known Emily since the 9th grade, and she has always been in the clouds.  Both very different from the archetypal student at our high school (Marlborough School for Girls), Emily and I clicked immediately in English class. Even then she was giving tips on how to improve consciousness and heath through a controversial Raw Food Diet called GeneFit -- an instinctive approach to nutrition... basically eating like a bear in the wild :)

*Read the LA WEEKLY article about her HERE
Over the past 15 years we have both grown drastically, but at the root we are still very much the same...  We are URBAN NATURALISTS.
Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Emily at her downtown LA loft. 
Emily has spent the last year fine-tuning a remodel and doing the interior design herself.  She is one for a bargain and also tries to keep it green.  The coffee table is a reclaimed antique ship door from an old vessel.  There are flea market finds a-plenty in her dwelling-- from room dividing bookshelves, to vintage cameras.  She also scored a bunch of Sheepskins which act as a great accent to almost any room. 

Emily currently runs her own floral essence consulting business--

wherein she gives one-on-one consultation on what emotional, physical and spiritual deficiencies you may have and prescribes a concoction of floral essences as a remedy. 

After some dandelion tea and holy basil, Emily read my I-CHING.  
So nice to do a reading with someone who knows you so well.

Friends like Emily reiterate the importance of the simple things:  
Good Friends, Good Health, and a Happy Home.


Cheryl van den Berg said...

Her design aesthetic seems very cool. It was nice getting to learn about her.

T.H. Culhane said...

I've known and admired Emily almost her whole life -- since she was 4 years old, actually (I have a memory of walking through Beverly Hills with her when she was that age and sniffing flowers together and having a very sophisticated conversation with this precocious young mind about why flowers were so important and wonderful!) and I am very gratified to read this glowing description of this young woman who makes everybody she encounters glow! It is great to read about the way that she touches lives and how she is now using floral essences and the raw food she always championed to bring the world into balance, and I hope that many many people will come to know her work and benefit from the marvelous and healing things she does. Here's to Emily!
With love,
Dr. Thomas H. Culhane

Annalise said...

Glad you both enjoyed the article and to hear of such fond memories with Emily.
xx- Annalise

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