Blogroll Monthly Review: Best Of March

I've decided to start sharing some of my favorites of the month as we move from one to the next, in hopes of inspiring you to engage with some of these fantastic style, art, decor and collaborative bloggers... as well as encourage them to keep up the amazing work.  In this very first edition of Monthly Review, the categories for observation are: 
  • Clean & Green
  • Home Decor
  • Photography
  • High Fashion Coverage (& notes on trends)
  • Collaborative
  • (... and since this is primarily a style blog) Fashionista!
Read, review and link away to some of the best posts, per my perspective, of March 2012.

Best Of: March 2012

Selena Cruz, writer of theSirenOfMod.com, is my fashionista pick for the very first edition of 
Monthly Review: Best Of, Lookbook.  
Her style hits all high notes with a penchant for sweeping up current trends in a whirlwind of vintage and thrifted finds, relatable AND intelligent editorials and an inspiration board as a gift to her readers in celebration of Siren's big 6 point O - six months that is.  Whatever she's doing, she's got it all right... so we built a lookbook around her March posts.  Here's to another month of style worth blogging about! 

img: thesirenofmod.com
Head to Toe: March 2012

Shoes & Accessores: March 2012


1 comment:

theSIREN said...

you are so sweet for posting such kind words about me! I'm very very flattered :)

(psst...the link to my blog is actually www.thesirenofmod.com - little "the" word is missing ;) )

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